impressions of Vietnam

British born artist, Simon Rolph, arrived in Hanoi almost two years ago, with the intention of exploring Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia. He now does most of his exploring in a makeshift studio at the centre of Hanoi's Old Quarter.

Rolph has immersed himself in the hubbub of the capital, taking note of the contrasts inherent in this ever-changing society. He observes cultural trends and endeavours to learn local craft skills. He creates original forms through comparison and conflict. He marries the old with the new.

Essentially, he juxtaposes images of life through montage. His unique vision and quirky take is ideal commentary for the city's ebb and flow.

"Traditional values share road-space with garish mopeds. Students of Confucius kick empty Coke cans up and down crowded streets. Everyone and everything is in your face! It's absolute chaos and I love it".