The General's New Clothes (2000)

Funerals can be lavish affairs. Friends and family donate wreaths. You see them being prepared on most streets. Sashes bear good wishes and the names of donors. The bigger the wreath, the wealthier the donor. The coffin is covered and taken to the burial ground by procession. Mourners wear white headbands and respectful musicians play sombre pipe music, as they make their way through the city.

These macro close-ups are of a notable general's donated wreaths. I blew them up to 40cm x 60cm. I attempted to show their inherent beauty, while also highlighting their decay. The moment they were picked and set they lost their shape, twisted and broke. At the end of the procession the wreaths were flung over the grave, in a final gesture of opulence.

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The ceremony is beautiful to watch,

the pageant hard to ignore